Terms and Conditions(Easy to Read Version)


Quotes are based around either an operator making a quick guestimate based on information provided over the phone, google maps or a street view assessment. These quotes may not be 100% accurate and a further quote would be offered before cleaning commences, should the original quote be void. All quotes are for glass(window) cleaning, End of Lease, gutter cleaning or solar panel cleaning unless stated otherwise. We can offer a per cleaner / per hour quote for most works however, a fixed quote or per hour quote would need to be selected & accepted before work commences.


Because neither party can see your panels clearly before we commence work, if we feel your panels require extra scrubbing, removal of Lichen moss, sponge moss, heavy caked on dust, bird/bat poo, heavy eucalyptus oil or traffic grease on your panels, we will take photos and discuss the extra charges that will apply before going ahead with the work.
Visual Inspections – Solar Panels
1. The visual inspection of solar panels during cleaning is not a certified inspection and should not be relied upon as such.
2. The visual inspection is for the sole purpose of identifying any obvious signs of damage or defects on the surface of the solar panels.
3. The inspection is not intended to identify any defects or damage that may be present beneath the surface of the solar panels, nor is it intended to identify any electrical or mechanical issues with the solar panels or solar panel system.
4. Any information obtained during the visual inspection is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for any other purpose


The customer, via making a booking with ACT Solar Cleaning for any of its services accepts the Terms & Conditions.


Due to the nature of our business it is very hard to be accurate in relation to which time your serviceman will arrive. This is due to our workers being at the mercy of things like, being unable to accurately forecast how long the job before yours may take, traffic and dependence on equipment. As such, we offer a window of time your cleaner may arrive, and this is normally in 4 hour blocks. Should you be booked in for your gutters, solar panels, pressure cleaning or just the outside of your windows cleaned, we are happy to clean without your presence. Please ensure all pets are secure. Although we do take care in keeping gates closed behind us while working, we do not take responsibility for pets escaping


Solar panel, Garden Maintenance and external window cleaning services will not be provided in the rain so, cancellation or postponement due to wet weather may be accepted by either party.


Please click here to see info.


Please click here to see info.


When booking with ACT Solar Cleaning, you should be asked as to whether you have fly screens that are removable and if so, do you require them to be cleaned. Should when we arrive, the fly screens and / or security screens not be removable we will do our best to clean the glass, but do not risk bending your flyscreens to remove or place back. This will still be chargeable. Note: ACT Solar Cleaning do not accept liability for aged or ill-fitting screens.


External debris such as Paint, varnish, lime scale, mastic, cement mortar, glue, labels, or other building products cannot be removed by pure water alone. This can be arranged, subject to survey and access, at a separate cost. We provide standard window cleaning and as such our pricing model does not factor (unless otherwise noted) for any paint scraping, stain or oxidation removal or any other issue. Please note that due to the nature of removing these types of debris normally what we term as ‘Builders Cleans’ we cannot guarantee that it is so ingrained into the glass that removal may cause a slight scratch. All due care will be taken to avoid this; however, ACT Solar Cleaning cannot be liable for any marks left post cleaning.


Our window tracks cleaning service is a basic service which involves the general removal of as much dirt as possible via using a portable vacuum and/or a microfiber wipe with a cleaning detergent. This method removes most dirt build up however does not include the scrubbing or deep dirt removal of the tracks. Should you require the tracks to be completely free of all dirt, this would significantly add to the overall time and quote.


Whilst we take every care when cleaning internal windows, we cannot accept liability for any damage to internal surroundings whilst cleaning the internals of windows if you do not move them and they are moveable.


If we are cleaning the internal windows, when possible, please ensure that easy access to internal windows is provided. Please ensure all movable furniture and belongings is out of the way ahead of arrival, to avoid any additional fees (extra time needed) incurred whilst the Window Cleaner waits for items to be moved or moves on your behalf.


We use an air blower or if the situation calls for it, the good old fashioned manual method (hands). Therefore, if you have professionally screw installed gutter guard around your gutters, we suggest contacting a specialised gutter cleaning business who specialise in the removal of that style of gutter guard. We do not provide this service. Gutter clearance is restricted to just the gutters themselves and does not include the removal, repair, or replacement of any part of the gutter or the gutter downpipes. Henderson & Co Window and Solar Panel cleaning cannot accept any liability for leaks and overflows that may arise after the gutter clean.


Any issues or concerns with your clean must be reported to ACT Solar Cleaning no later than 48 hours after the time of cleaning. Due to the nature of solar panel, window, End of lease and gutter cleaning, all complaints post 48 hours will not be considered.


We accept cash, Tap & Pay/Insert card (Square) for all residential cleans, payable on the day of the clean. Regular customers only, can be invoiced. Sorry, this is not available to new customers. our payment terms are all invoices to be paid in 7 days for residential and 14 days for commercial.


We will charge interest at 5% a month while the account remains unpaid. We require you to pay our expenses and legal costs incurred in obtaining payment on an indemnity basis. We reserve the right to charge you $10 for letters, $10 for legal notices, $20 for returned payments, and any third-party costs involved in tracing you, returned cheques, debt collection and legal action. We also reserve the right to pass unpaid accounts to a debt collector/solicitor for recovery/legal action, to whom we may assign the debt and all rights without restriction. Should you dispute an outstanding invoice and claim to have made payment, the onus is on you to prove payment has arrived and cleared. We cannot accept any liability for cheques, postal orders or cash that has been lost in the post. We strongly advise against sending cash in the post.

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