End of Lease Cleaning Checklist & TnC’s

End of Lease Checklist

Bedrooms, Living Areas, Hallways-

✓ Clean all accessible surfaces

✓ Detail doors, door handles & door frames

✓ Clean all light switches and power points

✓ Vacuum & mop all floors

✓ Wardrobe shelves, drawers & mirrors

✓ Clean & polish all mirrors & glass-top surfaces

✓ Windowsills and tracks

✓ Stair balustrading

✓ Accessible light fittings

✓ Cobwebs removed (internal)

✓ Skirting boards

✓ Cornices dusted

✓ Spot clean marks on wall and ceiling

✓ Dust accessible air vents & ceiling fans

Bathroom and Laundry-

✓ Clean all accessible surfaces

✓ Clean & sanitise shower screens(Limescale damage cannot be cleaned- in some cases early evidence of it can), tracks & tiles

✓ Wash & sanitise toilet, bath & sink

✓ Perform mould treatment

✓ Plugholes clean & free of debris

✓ Detail doors, door handles & door frames

✓ Clean all light switches

✓ Clean interior and exterior of all cupboards & drawers

✓ Sink & taps cleaned & polished

✓ Dust accessible air vents

✓ Clean clothes dryer filter

✓ Clean & sanitise laundry basin


✓ Clean all accessible surfaces

✓ Clean interior and exterior of all cupboards & drawers

✓ Clean all benches & splashback

✓ Clean stove, hotplates & range hood

✓ Clean interior and exterior of oven, dishwasher, and microwave

✓ Sink & taps cleaned & polished

✓ Detail doors, door handles & door frames

✓ Clean all light switches and power points

✓ Vacuum & mop all floors


Windows & fittings

✓ Panes cleaned inside and out that can be reached without the use of ladders or accessing the roof (extra charges apply)

✓ Window tracks cleaned

✓ Curtains (dust only) Window fittings

✓ Sweeping and mopping

✓ Railings cleaned


Window fittings ✓ Blinds Balcony ✓ Sweeping and mopping ✓Railings cleaned Garage ✓ Sweeping ✓ Cobwebs

Terms and Conditions

  • Our fixed prices are based on the assumption that information you provided about your property is true and your property is in a condition that we decide is in a reasonable condition. If your property is not in such order, we reserve the right to charge items contained in our ‘Extras’ list.
  • If you are late to the appointment, we may, charge you $20 per staff that are waiting.
  • If stains remain after carpet cleaning, we are not liable. Some stains can never be lifted from carpet.
  • Curtain cleaning is not included in an end of lease cleaning package. We will dust them only.
  • Cleaning walls may leave a shine, which is noticeable in certain lighting conditions. Unfortunately, there is no other way to remove marks on the wall. If you do not want this, please let us know before we start cleaning.
  • Furniture, appliance, and personal belonging cleaning is not included, if there is furniture, appliances and belongings present in the property we will work around them without moving them. If our cleaning does not pass inspection because there is dirt left over from where those belongings where we can’t take responsibility and return free of charge to re-clean. If you do require them cleaned, we will charge an additional amount that will be discussed with you on the day. However, we do not touch or clean personal property.
  • High pressure cleaning of hard surfaces is not included in an end of lease cleaning package.
  • The correct removal of light fittings and other things that requires removal to be cleaned needs to show to our staff. If we can’t easily remove the fitting and the removal process is not showed to our staff, we do not take responsibility of the cleaning of that fitting.
  • Full payment is required upon completion of the cleaning on the day of the cleaning has taken place. We can invoice you on the spot – And/or pay by Card, Cash or EFT.
  • If there is re-cleaning that needs to be done an e-mail has to be sent to actsolarbookings@gmail.com within 3 days after the cleaning has taken place along with a list of what needs to be re-cleaned. The inspection is to be done by a real estate agent or landlord of the property. If we are not contacted within 3 days, we will not take responsibility for re-cleaning the property. This is to compensate for dust, insects, and/or Tradesman/Property managers entering the premises and re soiling it. It is your Real Estate Property Manager’s or Landlords responsibility to inspect the property within this time frame or extra charges will incur.
  • If your landlord or agent charges you additional rent due to the cleaning not passing inspection we will not be liable. We will undertake a re-clean at our earliest convenience to ensure your property passes inspection.
  • We do not under any circumstance offer a refund, only re-cleans which are free of charge.
  • Requests for cleaning and re-cleaning that we find unreasonable will be refused. Wall scuff marks ** (especially in wardrobes where shoes are thrown against walls), Shower screen Limescale Build-up damage, Ovens having fused carbon on walls, floor and racks, carpets, window tracks and Windowpanes (building material) as examples.
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