– Thats ok, if you can give us an estimate (eg) 20-30 ; 10-20 we just need to approximate how long it will take. – You can look at your Dossier that your installers gave you with your paper work, which will have that info on it. -if you still don’t know. Please contact us directly.
The short answer is yes! Canberra is an extremely dusty city! We are in the bush. For more info on how dust affects your panels efficiency read more.

Canberra has a lot of birds because we have a lot of trees. And with birds, come bird droppings. They can affect a panel’s performance to a greater to degree than dust build-up.

The common string-inverter PV system might result in minimal, or no energy being produced if bird droppings cover part or all of just one solar panel. A micro-inverter system might see the affected panel/s producing no or limited power.

Trees situated near your panels will not only drop their leaves and branches leaving sticky sap spots (which pollen sticks to) but attract birds as well. These cause bird droppings and debris over time.

Residential solar panel cleaning takes about 1-2 hours, and residential window washing generally takes 2-3 hours.

Most homeowners prefer DIY solar panel upkeep. But how confident are you using ladders, standing, and walking confidently on roofs and do you have the proper equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently, so you’re not up there for hours. All while risking your life.

To ensure safe solar and gutter cleaning, you MUST remember to follow safety guidelines when using this approach. Do you know what they are?

As much as many homeowners want to keep a tight budget and prefer a DIY approach, IT IS NOT SAFE for you to do it yourself.

ACT Solar Cleaning provide a professional service whilst following the industry’s safety protocols. Cleaning panels isn’t as straightforward as it seems and is dangerous when untrained or unqualified. Don't risk it, your next step could be your last. Book your own job here.

No. You don't have to be present for us to complete the work. If you need proof of work, we can send you before and after pictures along with the invoice. This applies to all our services, Cleaning, Solar panel cleaning, and Garden Maintenance. Just let us know what works best for you!
We generally have availability 1-2 weeks out. Please use our Booking system to see available dates and times. Our last appointment slot is 12pm on a Saturday and we work on some public holidays which comes with a 20% surcharge. We do not work on Sundays.
ACT solar cleaning’s pricing is based on the number of panels cleaned. The more panels you have the more gradual the price per panel drops. After all, if it costs too much to clean, it takes away your savings you’re making having them cleaned in the first place. There are extra charges for steep pitched roofs and hard access and depending on your geographical location from where we are currently based (Theodore).
We accept cash, Square and EFT through invoicing. Credit card transactions with Square have a 1.9% fee.

We use a telescopic water fed pole with a soft bristle brush specifically designed for
cleaning solar panels. In addition, we use a Environmentally safe, No-Toxic window/glass cleaning detergent to break down the contaminants on your panels. Detaching your water tank is not essential but we advise to do so when doing
lengthy dirty panel jobs. Some businesses offer Iodised water methods with no chemicals, and we recommend sourcing them. If your are concerned about your water.

Studies show that cleaning your panels improves production output levels, but rain cannot get your panels as clean as water, combined with the agitation of a brush and cleaning solution. Some businesses offer Iodised water methods with no chemicals, and we recommend sourcing them if you are majorly concerned about your fresh tank water.
With a typical 18 panel clean that is done annually that doesn’t require heavy duty scrubbing, you will go through the equivalent of an adult having a nice decent bath one night. On a heavy duty clean, closer to two.
We de offer Gutter cleaning, just click on the extras option in our book it yourself-booking system. Give it a try now with no obligation to book!

Yes! We have an extensive insurance policy. You should never allow an uninsured business to work on your property, you may be liable for any accidents or damage.
We are working at heights qualified and carry all the necessary Insurances and safety equpment.

No! You should not use those products on your panels. It will not keep them clean and is a waste of time and your money doing so.

Under 10 panels will incur a minimum charge of $100.00+GST. We are still hopping on your roof, which is dangerous.

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